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Almost any artist would say that having the right tools makes his or her craft more efficient and productive. Colour Matters allows the creator more time and power to translate and communicate their design to others including factories for production and buyers.  Specifically designed for fashion and textile designers, Colour Matters software includes built-in textile design tools that provide the user with a faster and easier platform than off the shelf programs.

In the past, expensive CAD systems were only available to high volume end-users, and smaller companies and free-lance designers were left having to design on slower, non-textile specific off the shelf programs. The past is finally behind us. Colour Matters is the gateway into the future of design. The specificity of this program is what makes it productive, but the price makes it financially feasible.

From freelancers and small design houses to multi-million dollar companies the software from Colour Matters is the best tool for the fashion professional.

Allow your creativity to flourish.

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